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Main Value Ltd  established on Jan 2015 with a clear vision of making logistics and chain supply much easier and simple to companies interested in expanding their business worldwide.

Years of experience of all type of shipments and complicated logistics enable us to overcome every obstacle and make the impossible not only possible but easy for you & your customer, in other words – Your obstacle is our challenge!

We believe and know that with the right tools and knowledge accumulated over the years there in nothing that can’t be done, and each challenge has its solution which we customize for your company & customer’s needs.

We focus on not only perfect performance of delivery but also optimization of the most critical parameters to each company who’s dealing with logistics in terms of costs- origin & destining, time, structure and solutions.

One of our special solutions in EOR & IOR shipments where companies needs to deliver goods in DDP terms to countries where they do not have an imported on whom clearance can be performed. Main Value is an expert in providing door to door solution under this structure with minimum interference of our customers from pickup up to delivery we have full control and 100 % fully managed service to you and your customers.

The above is possible not only in Europe, far east and USA but also in challenging territories as India, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, South Africa, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and more. Practically everywhere in the globe.

At the same time we are totally focused on high level of service, we make sure to be available for your 24/7 and keep you notified on every milestone and progress without making you check for status or update. In case of a problem or delay, you will be notified on real time and in parallel we will be focused on the perfect solution in minimum time only because WE KNOW HOW. In every way of aspect, when it comes to our services, once we have got the task it is our total commitment to be there until it’s done in the best way possible and with the most efficient time and solution to you and your customer.

main value ltd
main value ltd

Never the less, we always try to focus on added value services such as inventory management, inland deliveries abroad with strict SLA and even TAX recovery to enable your company being much more comparative where your company is interested to grow and develop.

This being said, we see not only your shipment but we see the whole big picture where through the logistics solution your company will not only have expensed but some of the invested amount will actually returns back to your company turnover and as a result your profits will only increases.

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