Custom Clearance

Being dedicated to our clients’ comfort and cost-efficiency, MainValue offers professional customs clearance services aimed to ensure smooth international cargo transportation in strict compliance with deadlines. Cooperating with reliable nationally licensed customs brokers and having experienced customs brokers in our stuff, we can provide effective customs clearing solutions for companies delivering their products o many countries. We will be glad to offer tailor-made services that cover:

  • Turnkey customs clearance of goods within export-import transactions in compliance with all legal requirements;
  • Customs paperwork and registration of your company at customs;
  • Choosing commodity codes taking into account the value for customs purposes;
  • Verification of contracts for their conformance to the requirements;
  • Fees assessment and payment of customs duties and other charges;
  • Obtaining cargo certificates and all kinds of authorization documentation for imports and export;
  • Bonded warehousing and transit movements;
  • Regulatory reporting;
  • After-customs forwarding;
  • Transportation of general and consolidated cargo.

MainValue provides each client with comprehensive professional consultations and recommendations concerning customs clearance in different countries helping to facilitate the process and to avoid excessive customs duties, penalties, seizure of goods and delays in delivery.


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