Boasting vast experience in international logistics, MainValue has developed tailored solutions for specific industries providing specialized companies all around the world with necessary equipment for smooth operation and steady growth of their business. We share industry’s best practices with our clients and learn from our partners to better understand specific business needs and to satisfy them in the most advantageous and cost-effective ways. Our industry experts have the deep knowledge and extensive resources to offer top-quality freight forwarding, supply chain management and logistics solutions for:

  • High tech industry
  • Agricultural sector
  • Medical field
  • Military operations.

We offer intermediary services in communication with government bodies, assisting our clients in obtaining various authorizations and complying with state regulations when running their business. MainValue works extensively and successfully with multiple government authorities in different countries, having proven itself as a reliable partner. We also offer beneficial cooperation to state bodies in terms of delivery of required equipment and other goods from any countries of origin. MainValue is ready to provide tailor-made solutions for both private and state entities, globally and domestically.


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