Growing companies searching for new sales markets and planning to deliver their products and services to foreign counties, have to reckon with the necessity of managing many issues associated with imports and exports. This is especially true for shipping technology equipment, since there are multiple specific regulations in the industry, which vary from country to country on top of that.

Our company helps global players focus on their core business, while leaving their imports/exports issues to our expertise. This covers many kinds of specific activities, such as:

  • Acting on your behalf as an Importer Of Record taking on all the responsibilities for registration and obtaining authorizations in the destination country;
  • Acting on your behalf as an Exporter Of Record incurring liabilities for administration of your deliveries;
  • Paying all necessary import and export duties;
  • Providing tax refund in the destination country;
  • Submitting declarations, reports and other documents to ensure smooth customs clearance and full compliance with the requirements of local authorities;
  • Keeping records on imported/exported products for your inventory purposes;
  • Arranging logistics services abroad required for products storage and delivery.  

With our assistance you will be able to purchase equipment from any country-of-origin or ship it to any destination country fast and easy, while avoiding customs red tape and possible loss of money!  


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