Tax refund

If your company ships equipment to foreign countries, while retaining the ownership over it, you are sure to like obtaining a tax refund. But do you know when your company is eligible for claiming it and what steps the procedure of obtaining the refund in a particular country includes? Claiming a tax refund is a complicated bureaucratic procedure that requires submitting multiple papers in compliance with deadlines and regulations, while any violations can lead to penalties. In fact, you don’t need to learn this to get your money back, as our company offers full tax recovery services in many countries. Our experts will determine whether your company is eligible for a refund in a particular country, and if it is, we will recover the following types of taxes on your behalf:

  • import VAT
  • customs taxes
  • co-location taxes
  • taxes on equipment purchased in a refund country.

Ship abroad and enjoy your tax refund without a hitch!

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