Warehouse storage and Inventory Management

To ensure seamless operation of a trading or manufacturing company, it is often necessary to have a certain inventory of goods on the territory of the destination country and to provide appropriate conditions for storage in order to guarantee its safety and integrity. Also, it is necessary to ensure professional inventory management for maintaining the optimum numberĀ of goods at the minimum cost, as well as for their timely delivery to points of destination.

MainValue assistance removes the necessity to search for warehousing facilities on the territory of the CIS, to arrange complete warehouse services from the scratch and to maintain all warehouse operations. Our company provides complete package of services including:

  • short and long-term safekeeping;
  • handling operations;
  • packaging and labeling;
  • submitting of forwarding documents;
  • shipment and other related services.

MainValue will provide your business with reliable inventory management tools on the territory of the CIS!

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